Updating Your Domain's DNS to host your website with us

If you already own a Domain registered elsewhere and you wish to migrate your website to SnapsHosting from another host company, all you need to do is to point your Domain's nameservers to SnapsHosting's Domain Nameservers (DNS). This will direct your Domain's traffic here, and away from your previous Domain Registrar. 


Following steps below shows how it normally goes: 

1. Log into the Domain Registrar account which you currently have your Domain name registered through. Inside your Registrar you'll find several Domain management options. You want to find the one that will allow you to change your Domain Nameservers, so depending on which Registrar you use, it may be described as one of the following:

- "Update Your Nameservers"
- "Change Your Web Host"
- "Change Your DNS"
- "Manage Your DNS"
- "Update DNS"
- "Modify DNS Name Servers"


2. Once you click on the correct management option, you will be allowed to enter new Domain Nameservers. To host your website with SnapsHosting, enter/update the following as your Domain Nameservers:


You should enter all 3 Domain Nameservers if you can!


Please contact us if you need any assistance



Once you have submitted the Domain Nameserver update, it may takes up to 48 hours for your Domain Registrar to completely process the update.


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