Difference between Domain Nameserver (DNS) Change and Transfer Domain

People often get confuse with the term "Transfer" when it come to Domain names. Most people are actually looking to perform a Domain Nameserver (DNS) change to point the their Domain correctly, usually after changing their webhosting hosts, and this is an entirely different process from performing a Domain Registrar Transfer.


Domain Nameservers (DNS) Change:

You can change Domain Nameservers by logging into your current registrar account and replacing the existing Domain Nameservers with your host's Domain Nameserver, in our case:


Pointing the Nameservers will only point the Domain to where the DNS is located. The DNS can be pointed from our server to other services like Google or Yahoo. For more information on Domain Nameservers Change, please see Updating Your Domain's DNS to host your website with us.


Transfer Domain:

It is often known as Domain Registrar Transfer. You only need a Domain Registrar Transfer if you wish to have SnapsHosting to be the registration service managing the Domain. This would mean we bill the Domain renewal to you, and you will be able to access your Domain through our website. For more information, please see How to transfer your domain to SnapsHosting.

Registrar Transfer cost varies depend on which on which TLDs you are holding, and they will extend the current expiration date for one year automatically upon Transfer success.


Domain Transfer requirement 

Before you can transfer a Domain you must meet the following requirements:

1. SnapsHosting can only supports transferring of Domains listed in its Domain Registration landing page. If your domain type is not included in this list, you can still host the Domain with SnapsHosting, but you will need to change your nameservers

2.The Domain must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them from other Domain Registrar.  




Keep in mind that it can take up to 5 days for the Transfer to go through

depending on your Domain Registrar


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