Comodo Positive SSL
The Comodo Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate which is fast and of a high quality. It is a 256-bit certificate and has great browser compatibility.
Comodo Instant SSL (OV)
Domain validation SSL certificates check domain ownership only,but anyone can be the owner and put any company in contacts.
Business SSL verifies all that information and makes it safe to use.
Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL
This is the cheapest wildcard SSL certificate that you can buy and it is good quality and fast to get. Within three minutes you will have a 128-bit certificate ready to use, with perfect browser compatibility.
Comodo EV SSL
This is an extended validation certificate which provides trust from your customers. You will get a green address bar which will show your visitors that your website is safe to use. This is the cheapest EV SSL certificate that gives the green address bar.

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