How to Transfer your Domain to SnapsHosting

When you are purchasing SnapsHosting's hosting package, you can transfer your Domain from your current Domain provider to SnapsHosting. There are a lot of benefits to transfer your Domain to us, so We've created this article to help make this process as easy as possible for you.


What are the Benefits of Transferring your Domain to SnapsHosting?

Easily manage all of your Domains using SnapsHosting's control tool.
A single account to manage both your hosting and your Domain.
Prevent your Domain from expiring by using our automatic domain renewal service.
Contact us any time with our 24/7 customer support.


Domain Transfer requirement 

Before you can transfer a Domain you must meet the following requirements:

1. SnapsHosting can only supports transferring of Domains listed in its Domain Registration landing page. If your Domain type is not included in this list, you can still host the Domain with SnapsHosting, but you will need to change your Domain Nameservers (DNS). 

2.The Domain must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them from other Domain Registrar.


If you already have a domain name and you're not sure if you need to transfer it, please read our article, Difference between Domain Nameserver (DNS) Change and Transfer Domain



The following steps will help you to get started transferring your Domain to SnapsHosting


1. Unlock your Domain and Disable Domain Privacy at Current Registrar

Log in to your existing current Domain Registrar (where your Domain name is currently registered) and make sure your Domain status is not "locked". Most will have a setting that allows you to change the status to "unlocked" so that you can transfer it. You must also turn off / disable Privacy if you have a Domain privacy feature activated on the Domain's registration.

2. Obtain the Transfer Authorization Code from Current Registrar

Obtain the authorization code for transferring the Domain(s) from your current Domain Registrar. Some Domain Registrars call this the "Auth Code" or an "EPP" code. You can click view your Auth Code / EPP code in most of the Domain Registrars section.

3. Initiate the Transfer

Once you have disabled Lock, disabled Domain Privacy, and received your Transfer Authorization Code, you can then initiate the transfer to the new registrar. Whether you're transferring a Domain in to our registrar service or to any other registrar service, there will be an option there to start a Domain Transfer. 

Please contact us if you need any assistance. 



Keep in mind that in can take up to 5 days for the transfer to go through. 


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